Kingdom of New Edinburgh – Chapter Three

Babies were being born all over New Edinburgh, as the families were eager to start filling up this new land.Clayton baby

Tyler baby

Jamieson baby

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Kingdom of New Edinburgh – Chapter Two

Melisande Cassadine was known by many names. “Happy” wasn’t one of them.


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The Kingdom of New Edinburgh – Chapter One

The lands of New Edinburgh were settled by carefully chosen families. King Frederic and Queen Kathleen were eager to start a new society filled with harmony, after the wars that had plagued their kingdoms of birth.

<>Frederic continued to be charmed by his young wife. As a youngest daughter, she hadn’t been expected to take a throne, so she had some things to learn. But she was always inquisitive, and eager to fulfill all of her roles as queen, including that of mother.


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The Kingdom of New Edinburgh – Prologue

Once upon a time, there was a prince. Prince Frederic Stewart.

He was the second youngest son and had been brought up as heir – despite having a very healthy older brother.

Through a brief war, his father won control of a newly discovered province. There were a few “townies”, but nobody from his kingdom resident in the lands. His father, having noted Frederic’s strengths as a quiet but effective leader, granted him the new lands, to be known as New Edinburgh.

“There is just one problem, my son”, the king said. “You have no wife to serve as your queen.”

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