The Kingdom of New Edinburgh – Prologue

Once upon a time, there was a prince. Prince Frederic Stewart.

He was the second youngest son and had been brought up as heir – despite having a very healthy older brother.

Through a brief war, his father won control of a newly discovered province. There were a few “townies”, but nobody from his kingdom resident in the lands. His father, having noted Frederic’s strengths as a quiet but effective leader, granted him the new lands, to be known as New Edinburgh.

“There is just one problem, my son”, the king said. “You have no wife to serve as your queen.”

Frederic had many choices. Two were of noble blood.One he knew, and one he had never met.
His childhood chum, Melisande, was unspoken for. She was beautiful, of noble birth, and Frederic knew her well. If he married her, he would not be marrying a stranger.


Yes, Frederic knew her well. She put forth the appearance of a perfect lady – but beneath her mask, she was vindictive and judgemental, and nakedly ambitious. He knew that Melisande expected to be his bride – in fact, she had rejected many suitors, waiting for his proposal. Frederic had no strong desire to propose – it would be like marrying an ice sculpture. Pretty, but very, very cold.

His father wished for Frederic to marry the youngest daughter of a neighbouring king. She was newly of age to be married. All Frederic knew of the Princess Kathleen was that she was barely adult and had a deep abiding passion for learning. It was rumoured that she would be sent to a convent, too deep inside books to be a suitable mate. He supposed she was a plain thing, probably too ugly to be married off.
Ever since it was announced that he would be a king, Frederic had been besieged by all types of females. All eager for the crown, and not for him. Melisande sat back and waited, coolly confident that she would soon join him in matrimony. Her smugness was unbearable.

Frederic decided to see Kathleen for himself. The kings arranged that he would visit her at her father’s castle. At Frederic’s request, he donned the garb of a simple peasant for his first meeting with Kathleen. The last thing he wanted was another crown-hungry wench.

Frederic introduced himself to the girl – nay, the woman. The blush of youth was blooming on her face, but there was an intelligence to her that belied her age. And her looks – why, she wasn’t plain at all. Perhaps she appeared very serious and sombre to the casual observer, but Frederic soon discovered she had the cutest dimples when she smiled…


They talked all night, at their first meeting. It was a new experience to speak with such a well-read woman, and Frederic found that tantalizing. It wasn’t just that she had good manners and breeding and had the credentials to be a queen – she was fascinating. She was funny and observant and very good company.


He regretfully took his leave, promising to meet her again the next night.

And indeed he showed up as promised – having spoken with her father, and changed into his own clothing. Her father introduced him as Prince Frederic – and left them alone to talk.


Kathleen looked at him silently, looking irritated at being fooled. Frederic hastily stammered out his explanation – about how he was tired of everyone wanting to marry a king, not the man he was, and he just wanted to meet a nice girl who wasn’t impressed by his title and she was a nice girl, very pretty, in fact, and smart too, and he liked that in a woman, only he hadn’t known he had liked that in a woman until he met her, and he was really, really, really sorry that he had fooled her and he hoped she would forgive him and marry him and he would always be honest with her and she could bring all her books with her if she liked.

It was the longest speech Frederic had ever made without drawing a single breath. He breathed, and waited for her reply.


Kathleen continued to stare at him … and then dimples appeared, quite beyond her control.

“Me? You want to marry me? The bookworm? And I can bring all my books?”stewart7.jpg

Frederic shyly reached for her hands – and she shyly reached for his.

“I – I will marry you, if that is your wish”. She smiled, with a twinkle in her eyes. “And not just because I don’t want to be sent to the convent if I refuse.”

As Frederic gaped, she leaned in and whispered, “And if you ever fool me again, I won’t be so forgiving!” and kissed his cheek.

Frederic realized that having Kathleen as his wife could be quite a lot more interesting than he’d imagined!

And thus it was that Kathleen agreed to marry Frederic and be his queen, and move with him to the new kingdom of New Edinburgh. With all of her books.



  1. Meryt said,

    October 14, 2006 at 1:23 pm

    “And I can bring all my books?” That was so cute. 😀 I hope she will have time to read when she’s a queen. And I hope she watches out for Melisande!

  2. juleneifier said,

    October 14, 2006 at 2:29 pm

    That’s a cute way to start out your kingdom. I like Kathleen already. I’m a bookworm, too. I HAD to bring my books when I got married!

  3. Natalie said,

    December 14, 2006 at 6:53 am

    Aww what a great story so far! 😉 They’re such a cute couple and I love how you write it like a fairytale but with funny comments mixed in. 😉 I’ll be reading the rest now too! 😀

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