The Kingdom of New Edinburgh – Chapter One

The lands of New Edinburgh were settled by carefully chosen families. King Frederic and Queen Kathleen were eager to start a new society filled with harmony, after the wars that had plagued their kingdoms of birth.

<>Frederic continued to be charmed by his young wife. As a youngest daughter, she hadn’t been expected to take a throne, so she had some things to learn. But she was always inquisitive, and eager to fulfill all of her roles as queen, including that of mother.


She was a virgin as expected and to Frederic’s delight, her curiousity extended to the royal bedchamber. It seemed that she was determined to be an expert at everything.


Kathleen did have a lot to learn about being a queen. She studied her books to help design their castle, but some things can not be learned from written words. Kathleen seemed to be a genius at seating the wrong people next to each other at banquets, she killed all the plants by overwatering them, and was generally considered a little too outspoken, when it came to running the kingdom.

But she was also charming and clearly eager to please, and most of her subjects adored her. Rather than scolding her, Frederic suggested that she seek the assistance of the noble families that had accompanied them to New Edinburgh.

The Spencers were already good friends. Frederic had been a boyhood chum of Lukas Spencer, and had introduced Lukas to his future bride, Elizabeth. The two young lovebirds had willingly followed Frederic to these new lands, eager to leave behind some complicated family ties.


The Spencers spent many hours with Kathleen, coaching her on some of the finer points of noble society. Lukas became Frederic’s most trusted advisor, and a very close friend.


All that “education” in the royal bedchamber had a natural consequence – Kathleen very quickly became pregnant. Frederic worried about his delicate wife, but she handled her pregnancy and childbirth lke a champion.




The news quickly spread throughout the kingdom – a son! All hail Prince Geoffrey!


Also very friendly with the royal Stewarts were the Quartermaines. Mauricio and Isabella were very sociable and had the best parties and balls. They had an arranged marriage that worked very well for them. Mauricio was a skilled soldier who would keep the kingdom’s army in good shape and ready for anything.

There was one more noble family in New Edinburgh, another arranged marriage. Frederic had not wanted to bring this couple to his kingdom, but had been overruled.

Sure, Gregor Cassadine was a fine man, and he was the best financial advisor that a king could ask for. Such a shame that he’d lost his left hand in battle. It was his wife that Frederic never wanted to see again. Melisande.




  1. juleneifier said,

    October 20, 2006 at 11:49 am

    *dramatic music plays* Ooo! I had a feeling he wouldn’t get rid of Melisande that easily! And I love the gent with the hook for a hand. Is that a skin, or an accessory, or part of the outfit?

  2. October 20, 2006 at 12:36 pm

    Gregor’s hook is part of his outfit – even his workout clothes and swimsuit has a hook. Someday I’ll post a close-up that shows he has a wedding ring floating in in the air.

  3. Natalie said,

    December 14, 2006 at 6:57 am

    Ooh the ice wench is back! Interesting! 😀

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